social actions

AMG knows that every help counts; we are aware of human beings and their needs. Therefore, every year we collaborate with charitable associations such as Doctors Without Borders and AECC to help the most disadvantaged and send them our support.

As a sign of our social awareness, in 2015, we launched a local training course for unemployed young people to give them an opportunity in the world of work and thus also be able to expand their knowledge within the field of assembling ephemeral structures. This course was based on intense training at our headquarters and two months of internships before officially starting work on all our projects.

Lastly, AMG donated a structure to a training school for the Legionaries of Christ so the students could have a space to carry out sports activities.

At AMG, we work daily to consolidate our position as a company in the fight against climate change by committing to renewable technologies, reducing and offsetting our emissions, and generating a positive footprint on the planet.


We are committed to sustainability by betting on efficient management of resources and being in the process of achieving ISO14001.

Our commitment

ECO design. Reduce CO2 emissions. Local resources. Circular economy. Sensitivity to the use of paper and plastics. Collaboration in social actions Energy efficiency.

Agenda 2030

We want to be a leading company in implementing the 2030 Agenda and the Development Goals. For this reason, we have launched a plan to transform habits and good behaviour for our activities and projects.