The AMG team has travelled and transported all the material in 16 containers from the South of Spain to Auckland (New Zealand) to carry out the assembly of 4 fully equipped and customized structures to house Hospitality areas, a Media Center, Merchandising and an entertainment area for the public with a simulator to recreate the movement of ships. A total of 1500m2 was built.

This project was carried out in three weeks and has remained in the city centre for approximately seven months.

For AMG Event Services, being able to carry out its services for the first time outside of Europe is a recognition of its 29 years of professional experience in the events sector as a provider of structures and services. Care for the finishes and the quality of its services in each event is the hallmark of this Sevillian company.


The entire project has been based on the configuration of EVO IV model structures, whose versatility allows these temporary structures to be adapted to any need and thus create spaces with different functionalities.

Depending on the functionality of each space and the needs of the client, these spaces have been personalized, taking care of the smallest detail through branding on the covers, finishes, exteriors, floor finishes, and interior and exterior vinyl, among others.

The ballast system of these structures allows them to be installed in any space in the city without damaging the land. This floor system is integrated into the structure so that not only does it not damage the existing site, but on an aesthetic level, it allows a clean, free space. Ballast at the ends of the structure.

AMG has developed this floor system after its professional career in which it has faced all terrain such as pavements, earth, snow, and terraces in buildings, among others. In all of them, the challenge was to manage to accommodate a temporary space without leaving a footprint in our path.



Despite the difficulties we come across this year due to COVID, our efforts and daily work and passion put into every single activity, this company make have been recognised by been selected as Exclusive Tent Supplier of PRADA America´s Cup World series Auckland 2020 and PRADA Cup to conduct the installation of several structures during America’s Cup event in New Zealand.
For us, a Spanish company, we are proud to cross the border and conduct our services for the first time in New Zealand, it is such a huge recognition for all the work performed during our 29 years in the event industry.