Andalucía Tennis Experience


During this popular sports event, AMG team was responsible for the construction of the VIP area, the commercial area, offices and the sponsor zone.


The VIP zone was based on an Arco 15x40m structure, where the restaurant was located joint to a bar with transparent roofs in the centre, offering a bright and enjoyable space. Just in front the structure designated to catering was located the sponsor zone, with an open bar in the centre. Also, an Alu Hall 10 model was established to place the main offices. Lastly, the commercial zone was located above one of the tennis courts. This area was based on a mini court in the middle, surrounded by fourteen Dynamic structures used by different brands, medical services and catering.


Great well coming of this event in Andalusia, with a high number of attendees and sponsors. Also, all the needs required by the client were considered, what originate the success of the event.