Audi MedCup


The assembling of a Hospitality area was required during the races taken place in Cascais, Marsella, Cagliari, Cartagena and Barcelona, to host several spaces: mass media and TV, organisation central offices, guest area and some promotion zones.
This service was provided over the seasons of 2009,2010 and 2011.


The aim of the project was the assembling of 300m2 space, used by mass media and TV, and another area of 300m2 for offices. Thus, an Alu Hall 10x30m and an Arco 10x35m double Decker were also required to constructs the hall project.


The Audi MedCup Sailing Experience gives the chance to participate in the competition through a custom tailored VIP program, which allows guests to fully discover, enjoy and integrate with the event.
As a result of the customer´s satisfaction, AMG team benefit from this event, developing it twice along two years.