The Barcelona Royal Polo Club performed in September 2011 the International jump competition centenary, in which more than 50.000 spectators were hosted during four days. In this occasion, Barcelona became the global equestrian capital, and, for this reason, was necessary to construct several areas where to run the event following the delicate image of the tournament. They were requested various structures to create the following sectors: VIP Lounge, Chill-Out terrace and a catering area.


For this occasion, we considered the assembling of an Arco 10x40m double decker for the VIP Lounge and the catering service, with unbeatable views to the competition from the area. Joint to this first structure, AMG team placed an Arco 10x10m2 completely open used as a Chill-Out terrace.


A stunning installation in one of the trendiest cities nowadays. An area where people could enjoy the event in a classy and unique environment.

AMG remain official structure supplier of the tournament for 3 consecutive seasons.