Cuartos de Final Copa Davis Oropesa de Mar


Our aim was to perform the layout and assembling of the Hospitality area where the three primary sponsors (BNP Paribas, Mapfre and RFET) could allocate their guests during the event. The Hospitality needed to be fully endowed to assure that promotional actions can be conducted successfully inside it.


Following the corporate line of this public competition, we designed spaces looking for functionality and sobriety. Based on the study of visitor’s flows, this project was carried out for the comfort of the attendees.

The hospitality area was based on two parallel structures with a total of 1125m2, joint to another structure of 2000m2 used as a kitchen.


Goals reached by the organisation refers to customer’s satisfaction, sales and perfectly corporate image printed into the guest area. Due to this, AMG team was considered by organisers as key partners in several futures events.