During the MotoGP season of 2017, Dorna, the promoter and coordinator of the event launched an initiative quite trending these days, an E-Gaming championship. This worldwide championship was based on the official MotoGP game and the competition was held online to give access to everyone. They planned to host the final of the championship in Valencia as the season closure is always here. For this reason, they require to develop a place with a stunning appearance as the competition will be shown in the live broadcast.


AMG developed space with a gaming ambience by playing with the lighting, decoration and the interior appearance of the structure. The structure requires filming location qualities such as high elevation to make easy the cameras going around and also complete obscure interior to avoid light going in when the show starts. In order to make this possible, we suggest the use of a polygonal structure of 700m2 over a layer structure to obtain high and the complete personalisation of the interior made black vinyl coverings, black textiles and the combination of multiples LED to create ambience.


An unusual and impressive space thanks mostly to the lighting system and proper distribution of the space.