Ferrari Worldfinals – Valencia


Every year, when F1 season have been finalised, this well-known brand undertakes a final competition in which multiples Ferrari championships are grouped all together. The purpose of the event is to develop several promoting and branding actions taking place in a selected circuit.
AMG team has commissioned the event for three years consecutive. But in 2012, we were asked to develop a bigger project. This occasion the red team entrusts various areas:

  • One area where to locate team´s boxes.
  • Ferrari central offices.
  • The car museums in which most of the typical and historical cars of this car house were exposed.
  • A merchandising shop following the corporate line of the brand.
  • A place where guests were hosted during the races.


For this project, we used the following structures to create several atmospheres as well as differentiated spaces according to the team needs:

  • One Arco double decker 10x15m used as the main team offices.
  • Several Arco 10, 15 and 20 models to place the Hospitality area, the museum and the shop.
  • One Alu Hall destined as boxes, where teams may work during the competition.


Throughout the several spaces assembled, the values of Ferrari were reflected with success, what generate the satisfaction of the customer and the welcoming of AMG as the primary supplier of this event for three seasons.