Final Copa Davis – Sevilla


Thanks to the satisfactory results in Cordoba´s tournament in which we were responsible for most of the production of the event, the organisation relies on our services once again but on this occasion, to conduct the Hospitality area inside the Olympic Stadium of Seville. This time, we faced an arduous task because of the place we were asked to build our structures. The venue was based fundamentally on several tunnels made of concrete and poorly lit located inside the installations. This tunnel required being transformed into a comfy, elegant and impressive VIP area where to place all the tournament guests.


Considering all the drawbacks of the venue, we built four double-deck structures, one of 10x10m2, other of 10x20m, and two more of 10x40m2.Relate to the 10x40m structures; a 2 m terrace was located on the first floor. With this final action, we increased the capability of the Hospitality. In all, more than 4000m2 were built used as restaurant and 1000m2 for kitchens. We were also in charge of the decoration, furniture and floral decoration of the VIP area. In addition to these structures, twenty-six stands were assembled in the commercial area.


A complete 360º transformation of the place achieving an unbeatable guest area where to all guest could easily enjoy the best views of the tournament.