Location: Valencia (Circuito Ricardo Tormo)



During the 2019 edition in Spain, the organization needed to adapt several areas within the Cheste circuit before and during the event. Several temporary spaces were required for operations and guests during the weekend.

At an organizational level, Formula E needed a dining room for its employees in the paddock area, operations centres/warehouses/TV compound/accreditation area and accessed through ephemeral structures that could be installed in a short time.

Although this circuit has offices and dining spaces, the client needed to concentrate everything in the same area to facilitate the control and operation of the event, in addition to having a personalized space for them.

Regarding the management of the guests during the event, the organization needed a space where they could receive about 600/700 guests, and this space would be full self-sufficient in terms of kitchens/bathrooms and entrances. A key point when choosing a proposal was the privileged location of this hospitality area; this space had to be differentiated not only for its aesthetics but also for having a key spot to enjoy the championship.


Following the client’s instructions, we developed an integrating project for the different service and hospitality areas, keeping in mind the client’s needs, the operation and distribution of the circuit, the optimization of spaces and their easy access.

One of the key points of the project was the location of the EMOTION CLUB. Its location in front of the lake inside the track made this space a unique place since it was the first time that a VIP hospitality project was developed in front of the lake with one of the best views of the track.


Our knowledge of the space after years of multiple projects developed within the circuit allowed us to offer the best solutions together with innovative proposals, such as the case of the EMOTION CLUB. The provision of comprehensive services and good coordination has made Formula E trust AMG several times.