Hyundai Motorsport Unit WRC


Our commitment was to perform the design, production and conduct the assembling of Hyundai new Unit for the World Rally Championship (WRC) in all the European competitions.


AMG have designed the EVOLUTION, a two-decker structure, unique and functional model with a revolutionary exterior design where it is compressed 5 major areas in just one space, providing a meeting room, catered lounge and dining area, VIP room in addition to a public area located around the core of the Unit, where workshop take place. All the spaces are fully equipped with high-quality materials, stylish furnishings and air-conditioning systems to ensure a warm atmosphere even in those locations with extreme weather conditions, such as Sweden or Sardinia. Also, the assistance trucks are located inside the structure to simplify the teamwork inside the Unit. The full assembly of the structure is performed in record time, 6 days, and the dismantling in 3 days, with a minimum of 20 employees to assemble it.


An Astonishing Unit easily differentiated from the rest of the team buildings, what makes the Hyundai Motorsport team the highest attraction to all RWC amateurs in the public area, where the outside public is allowed to go into the Unit and watch without barriers how mechanics are working on the cars.