Hyundai Motorsports Fun Zone


After 5 years as an official unit supplier for Hyundai Motorsport in the championship, the team rely on us one more time to construct a new brand zone for the public were to develop multiple branding activities as well as the expository area where to show new products.


Design and complete installation of Evolution structure, the same model structure of the primary unit to keep equality and image between the two spaces. This structure is completely personalised with the brand identity of Hyundai Motorsports.

The interior of this space is constructed based on a diaphanous space and open to the exterior to facilitate public get in and interact with the area and the multiple branding activities located inside. In addition to this, the client also requires a showcase space where to show last product launches in the market, so we place a terrace area where to place the cars.


The result is an innovative and impressive area complete integrate with the brand identity.