Fundación La Caixa – Gira itinerante Leonardo Da Vincci


One of his itinerant tours is of Leonardo Da Vinci and his creations, developed through the temporary installation of a small gallery inside an extensible truck and various representations as life-size figures/sculptures on the outside. This exhibition is installed in 9 locations during the year. The location of such an installation is always carried out in a central area of the city for greater visibility.


Thanks to our logistical experience and knowledge of temporary installations, we have applied our know-how for the first time to the installation of cultural exhibition spaces to develop the entire Leonardo da Vinci tour for two seasons so far.
Our mission is the transport, assembly, maintenance and disassembly of the unit and the coordination of institutions and suppliers of each location.


AMG has achieved one of its business objectives as it sought to grow and diversify through the execution of cultural projects such as creating temporary exhibitions and providing production services.