Sail GP Cádiz 22


Development of an ephemeral space on the shores of the port of Cadiz  to host hospitality area and media center with the integration of all additional services such as (lighting, air conditioning, decoration, furniture, among others) during 3 editions of the nautical campenonato in the city of Cadiz.


The fundamental premise of this project is that all suppliers involved in the development of work areas and hospitality to develop this event is the use of materials and work techniques as sustainable as possible because it is one of the main values of this championship;In this way our company optimized the transport of materials, the ballasting of our structures is integrated into our structural system to avoid ballast with water, use of recycled materials, we reverse the CO2 consumed and finally we developed a waste collection activity at sea with our team to raise awareness of the importance of this activity within our team.


A well cared space with an incredible location and with all the facilities and services to develop an international sporting event always integrating the identity and philosophy of the client. For this reason AMG has developed this project for 3 consecutive years;