Sail GP Cádiz 23


Our primary responsibility lies in the creation and assembly of versatile structures, capable of adapting to diverse environments. The ability to set up our structures in various spaces is crucial to offer unique and exclusive experiences to our clients. The demand for innovative and attractive settings drives us to design solutions that allow for events in iconic locations, such as the “malecón” of Cádiz. Our charge is to provide infrastructures that stand out for their adaptability and offer spectacular views in any location.


The project for the SAIL GP in Cádiz involved the installation of our EVO structures, known for their cutting-edge design and their capacity to make the most out of locations. On this occasion, innovation was key in setting up our structure on the “malecón,” a location that challenged conventions but allowed exceptional views of the event. The creation of the ADRENALINE LOUNGE, one of the most exclusive spaces of the event, became the main focus. Our team worked on adapting and assembling the structure to provide attendees with an unforgettable experience while enjoying the regattas throughout the weekend.


The outcome was extraordinary. The adaptability of our structures became evident in transforming the “malecón” of Cádiz into a spectacular area, offering panoramic views of the event that impressed all those present. The combination of our innovative EVO infrastructure with the creation of the ADRENALINE LOUNGE generated an exclusive and thrilling space that elevated the spectators’ experience to an entirely new level. The accolades received and the success of this project reaffirm our ability to create exceptional environments, showcasing the versatility and impact of our structures in any space, regardless of its location.