Santa María Polo Club


The prestigious Polo Club of Sotogrande, one of the most demanded summer locations in Spain, host multiple polo competitions as well as social and corporative events. The increase of them in the last years makes necessary the assembling of a new venue where to host multiple activities. For this reason, the design and construction of a double-decker structure of 1.250m2 per roof were required.

This development was conducted close to the riverside, where more than 800 guests may be accommodated.


The organisation requires a spacious venue where to host the tournament audience, as well as an area where sponsor and promoters of the events may have space where to make relations or host their most important guests.

For this reason, we design a double roof structure, in which spectators have free entrance to ground floor and the first-floor restricted to those accredited guests. Both roofs were fully equipped and furnished. Also, two terraces were attached to both sides of the structure on the first floor, providing the best views to the competition.


A fully equipment of the space resulting in a great multifunctional space for future events, as well as naming this Polo Club as the primary reference of an image while considering branding plans in Spain.

The result of this successful venue and the impact it has on Polo Club´s image, AMG was asked two years later to develop an outdoor commercial area following the same line design.

It was conducted the assembling of fourteen structures to be used as stands, adding an unusual pergola to protect the spectators from the sun and high temperatures. This pergola covered the public transit all around the commercial area.