Semifinales Copa Davis Córdoba


The city of Cordoba was selected by 2012 to host Davis Cup tournament finals between Spain and France. In this occasion, the organisation need from our team to perform an action plan to materialise the VIP zone, commercial area, changing rooms and a relax zone for players.
The project took place in the compound area of the bullring of Córdoba, a challenging location for our team when building the structure resulted from the arduous frame of space to work.


Referring to the zones assembled, the VIP zone was based on:

  • Alu-Hall 15x25m2 structure
  • Alu-Hall 15x35m2
  • Alu 20×30 double deck
  • Three Acropolis.

Between the structures, a terrace with were placed to complete the VIP area fully.
Referring to the commercial zone, this area consisted on a Wellcome Desk, used as the main entrance, followed by the guest area, which was made with 20 Dynamic 4x4m2 structures where several stands were located.


  • Constaba de un recibidor principal, por el que accedía el público al recinto, y a partir de él se encontraban todos los stands de patrocinadores del evento.
  • En los corrales o chiqueros de la plaza de toros se implantaron los vestuarios y zonas de relax de los jugadores.


An impressive result in spite of the complexity of the construction because of the place where all the structures needed to be located. Thanks to this unusual location, the event achieved high image impact what makes of it an unforgettable experience for our guests.