Supercopa y Eurocopa SEAT


For three consecutive seasons (2007, 2008 and 2009) of the WTCC Championship (World Touring Car Championship), the SEAT team needed our organization to assemble its hospitality area for all competitions in Europe and Spain.


Following the needs and requirements of the SEAT team during the three seasons, the hospitality area was based on the following structures:


2-3 Akropolis

2-4 Arch 10x10m

2-3 Chalet (8x8m)

The number of structures and meters assembled varied according to the location and the level of the public in the three different editions of the Championship.


The three editions resulted in an unusual hospitality area with unbeatable service, a differentiating design and in line with SEAT’s identity line. This result triggered the team to trust us on more than one occasion.