Valencia VIP Experience


Every year, after the end of the F1 championship season, the Ferrari team holds an internal competition among its drivers as a branding event for its most important customers and partners. To carry out this project, the team relied for three consecutive seasons on AMG to carry out the project. The concept was based on: A pit area to house the team’s main offices. A museum in which to house the most exclusive pieces of the team. A corporate store following the line and image of the brand. Guest area.


For this project, several structures were combined to create different environments and spaces: Assembly of three Arco models of 10, 15 and 20m2 to house the public area, the museum and the store. Assembly of the Arco double floor model of 10x15m2 for the offices. Assembly of the AluHall model designed to locate the boxes.


The brand values and identity were perfectly captured in each and every one of the areas developed, which generated great satisfaction on the part of the client and thus increased their confidence in AMG as the exclusive promoter of the event for three consecutive years.