Fundación La Caixa – Gira itinerante Leonardo Da Vincci

Anterior Siguiente CHARGE One of his itinerant tours is of Leonardo Da Vinci and his creations, developed through the temporary installation of a small gallery inside an extensible truck and various representations as life-size figures/sculptures on the outside. This exhibition is installed in 9 locations during the year. The location of such an installation is … Read more


CHARGE Assembling of a display area where to place the newest products during the spring-summer season.The assembling took place in Ikea headquarters in Seville.This Project have been conducted during three years in a row (2014,2015 y 2016). PROJECT Assembling of an Alu Hall 15×30 in their headquarters located in Tomares, Seville, where to create a … Read more

Museo del Circuito de Jerez

CHARGE Construction of a museum where to host most emblematic and historical motorbikes of Moto GP joint to notable figures of this competition. The structure needs to be permanently located in the circuit of Jerez. The aim of this project is to make a public recognition of the enormous effort behind this sport, and also, … Read more

Wedding Málaga

Anterior Siguiente CHARGE The couple was so excited with celebrating their date in the family property where it was required the assembling of a structure to facilitate the place for 200 guests. The structure needed to do the most of the place to achieve spaciousness. PROJECT To maximise the location and its views, it was … Read more


Anterior Siguiente CHARGE During the MotoGP season of 2017, Dorna, the promoter and coordinator of the event launched an initiative quite trending these days, an E-Gaming championship. This worldwide championship was based on the official MotoGP game and the competition was held online to give access to everyone. They planned to host the final of … Read more

Sevilla Football Club Brand Activation

Anterior Siguiente CHARGE As a partner of Sevilla FC team, we do always develop some of their brand activation in the city. Every Christmas time Sevilla FC undertake an event in which all young children are invited to spend time with Santa in all branded structure in front of the stadium. On this occasion, they … Read more