The Acropolis model is a hexagonal structure whose particular appearance is perfect to use it as a reception or individual hall taking into account the elegance and spaciousness of this structure.


This structure is ideal to use it as a reception or private celebrations creating a warm welcoming.


  • Hexagonal structure with a total of 100m2
  • It can be built individually or together with a similar one in order to achieve a total of 200/300m2.
  • This structure can be expanded by extending 5m modules according to the surface to be covered.
  • Tensioning system with side gutters that collect water.
  • Non-slip phenolic board cassette type flooring system on leveled rails.
  • Enclosure system that allows insulation from the outside.
  • It has teak terraces that can be placed on the sides of the structure and be used as a transit way for the guests staying inside the structure (extra).


The enclosure of this structure can be made with the following materials:

  • Transparent PVC curtains
  • Glass panels
  • Rigid melamine panels