Alu Hall


This rectangular structure is entirely built and equipped with high quality elements. Alu-hall is distinctive because it offers several measurement possibilities and multiplies its applications depending on customers requires.


As a result of adding extra floors to the original structure, the Allu-Hall three floors offers considerable height that allows the guests to enjoy impressive views of any kind of event that is taken place. AMG team normally do the assemble of this structure to allocate project such as vip guest areas, storage, garage and catering area.


  • Available sizes: 10m/15m/ 20m/25m/30m/35m/40m and 50m gantry.
  • This structure can be expanded by extending 5m modules according to the surface to be covered.
  • Tensioning system with side gutters that collect water.
  • Non-slip phenolic board cassette type flooring system on leveled rails.
  • Enclosure system that allows insulation from the outside.
  • This structure can grow taller by adding a lower mezzanine to create a double or triple storey structure.
  • It has teak terraces that can be placed on the sides of the structure and be used as a transit way for the guests staying inside the structure (extra).


The exterior enclosure could be made of the following materials and formats:

  • Glass panels
  • Rigid PVC panels


For more information, download the data sheet in pdf format: