Alure is a flexible and easy building structure, which can be effortless adapted to all kind of high standard events. It is based on an aluminum structure with classic and clean design. It share similar qualities with Alu-Hall structure but it may easily differentiated by its horizontal windows glass enclosure, what makes this structure an unusual and impressive arrangement.


This structure is normally assembled by AMG team to allocate project such as vip guest areas, storage, garage and catering area.


  • Available sizes: 5m/10m/15m and 20m gantry.
  • This structure can be expanded by extending 5m modules according to the surface to be covered.
  • Tensioning system with side gutters that collect water.
  • Non-slip phenolic board cassette type flooring system on leveled rails.
  • Enclosure system that allows insulation from the outside.
  • It has teak terraces that can be placed on the sides of the structure and be used as a transit way for the guests staying inside the structure (extra).


The enclosure of this structure can be made with the following materials:

  • Transparent PVC curtains
  • Glass panels
  • Rigid melamine panels


For more information, download the data sheet in pdf format: