The Evolution model is a rectangular structure, versatile and revolutionary for the design of its flat roofs, raised by means of a hydraulic system in a reduced time. The Evolution model is perfectly conditioned and equipped as a semi-permanent structure.


This innovative structure is used as a hospitality area and garage by the Hyundai Motorsport team. It was designed for the team with a mezzanine to accommodate in the same space a work area and a guest area on the upper floor.


  • Available sizes: this structure is available in a wide range of available sizes 10/15/20/25m gantry (data sheet)
  • Mezzanine system that allows to go up in height, thus obtaining a greater number of available spaces.
  • This structure can be expanded by extending 5m modules according to the surface to be covered.
  • Tensioning system with side gutters that collect water.
  • SiCassette type floor system of non-slip phenolic board on leveled rails.
  • Enclosure system that allows insulation from the outside.
  • It has automatic doors.
  • It has teak terraces that can be placed on the sides of the structure and be used as a transit way for the guests staying inside the structure (extra).


For more information, download the data sheet in pdf format: